How to Prepare Your Distribution Center for the Holiday

PART 1: Mollo shares five tips on getting your distribution center, supply chain and customer service center ready for the 2011 holiday season. His tips? Coordinate your sales forecast with your suppliers; Figure out how much you can spend and buy to expedite delivery; Make sure your distribution center is aware of your item forecast; Let the distribution center know what’s hot and what’s on backorder; Make sure it’s also aware of returns of hot items; Give customers status updates on deliveries.

PART 2: Short but sweet, Mollo has some tips for merchants for the 2011 holiday season: Simply put, Plan, plan, plan in advance, and make sure all your departments are communicating with each other.

PART 3: Mollo talks about getting all your channels and departments synced before the holidays. Also, make sure you know how close to the holidays you can reorder stock that can be delivered in time for Christmas. You need to make sure all your areas are in sync with promotions and timing.