Live from the 2002 Annual Catalog Conference: Have You Had a Good E-mail Experience?

Good Experience newsletter founder and writer Mark Hurst has come out with a new report entitled, “Managing Incoming E-mail” in May. Good Experience is put out by New York-based Internet consulting firm Creative Good Inc., founded by Hurst, who was a presenter at the recently concluded Annual Catalog Conference. In the e-mail report, Hurst cited a Business Week report entitled, “Special Report: The E-mail Monster,” that stated that corporate e-mail users receive an average of 20 to 30 incoming e-mails a day, and volume is expected to increase 80% in the coming year. Hurst notes that much of this future increase in e-mail volume will come from “spam,” or unsolicited promotional e-mail. Hurst predicts that spam rates will continue to increase along with “legitimate” e-mail communication, causing an increasingly urgent problem from e-mail users and corporations globally.

In his report, Hurst explains a method by which e-mail users can curb the tide of increasing amounts of e-mail, focusing on steps that users and corporate IT departments need to take to keep quickly ballooning inboxes under control. To contact Mark Hurst for a copy of this report or any others, send an e-mail

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