Logility Acquires Supply Chain Analytics Firm Halo Business Intelligence

Logility, Inc., a provider of collaborative supply chain optimization and retail planning solutions, has acquired Halo Business Intelligence and its advanced analytics and business intelligence capabilities for supply chains. 

Halo’s advanced analytics will be embedded into the Logility platform. It uses interactive visualization, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to transform both structured and unstructured data, helping companies on business planning, risk mitigation and identifying new opportunities.

Logility said the addition of Halo will enable merchants to use predictive and prescriptive analytics, increasing visibility and accelerating decision-making across the entire supply chain from raw materials sourcing to omnichannel delivery. 

“The key is for merchants to have the visibility into their operations so they know how to proactively plan and respond quicker and more efficiently to capture the customer,” said Karin Bursa, Executive Vice President, Logility. “Today’s structured and unstructured data sources are growing rapidly and many merchants struggle to effectively tap into these sources. With the addition of Halo they can harness outcome-based insights instead of wading through mountains of data and spreadsheets.”

For instance, real-time analytics based on machine learning and AI can warn a merchant ahead of a potential stock out and automatically order a replenishment to ensure customers don’t abandon them to a competitor. It can also help a company reallocate inventory, or determine if there’s enough on hand to meet demand spikes from promotions or new product introductions.

Bursa said machine learning and AI are enabling supply chains to operate more efficiently by automating many routine processes, allowing supply chain and retail planners to focus on business growth.

“Today businesses generate an enormous volume of data from both structured and unstructured sources,” she said. “The key is finding the patterns, insights and opportunities in this data. Machine learning and AI automate this process and can simplify a planner’s role.”

Logility, which is owned by American Software, counts Abercrombie & Fitch, Big Lots, Fender, Parker Hannifin, Verizon Wireless and VF Corp. among its clients.