Merchants Differentiating in the Last Mile, Returns, Outsourcing

As merchants search for ways to contend with the behemoth of Amazon – which accounted for about half of ecommerce sales in 2017 – many are focusing on three areas to battle back: The last mile of fulfillment, returns and outsourcing of logistics services.

From click-and-collect and same-day services to free return shipping and the use of 3PLs, merchants are looking for any edge they can to set themselves apart and deliver the kind of elevated fulfillment experience customers have come to expect.

In the MCM Outlook report you will learn:

  • MCM Outlook Special ReportAbout trends in same-day delivery offerings and the “Uberfication” trend
  • About the growth of click and collect programs as a win-win last-mile solution
  • How warehouse vacancy rates don’t always tell the whole story
  • About best practices in ecommerce returns that delight and drive efficiency

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