Needed Now: Real-Time Data Sharing Across Ecommerce Logistics Partners

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a massive strain on ecommerce logistics and transportation. Amazon, UPS, FedEx and others have hired thousands of drivers to help meet demand. Meanwhile, startups continue to raise funding to help solve industry challenges.

Ecommerce logistics and transportation were already heading down the path of innovation, but the timeline has been rapidly compressed. In the current environment, traditional players that fail to embrace digitally integrated approaches will be left behind. Those that have made the shift are seeing a payoff in the midst of the crisis, including better capacity through load efficiency and reduced costs.

In this MCM CommerceChat podcast, we talk with Matthew Cowan, general partner of Next47, a venture firm backed by Siemens that has invested in a number of startups including last mile platform Bringg and rideOS, marketplace and mapping services for on-demand transportation, about the critical need – especially now – for real-time data sharing across supply chain partners.