Powering Ecommerce Growth for Brands

Customer demands and expectations don’t seem to go anywhere but up these days. From fast and free shipping to offering delivery choices, ecommerce companies need to be responsive and even proactive in anticipating needs, and outside partners often have the scale and expertise to make it happen. Learn how two hot ecommerce brands worked with FedEx Fulfillment to overcome the operational challenges of a rapidly growing ecommerce business.

In this MCM Operations Advertorial Report you will learn:

  • MCM FedEx Special ReportHow FedEx Fulfillment helped Revtown scale and keep its focus on building a great brand
  • How Revtown gained visibility into inventory management, fulfillment, distribution, transportation and reverse logistics
  • How BAWLS found the capacity to meet demand and get products to customers faster
  • How FedEx Fulfillment is helping BAWLS deal with a rapidly growing ecommerce channel

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