Retailers Viewing Returns Through the Lens of Strategy

A year into the pandemic-influenced explosion in ecommerce, and after the recent peak holiday season, one thing is abundantly clear: Retailers can no longer afford to view returns as a cost of doing business, but instead need to see it as a key business strategy driving customer loyalty.

Underneath that understanding, successful retailers are enhancing their returns policies and solutions to make returns a differentiator, with their experience during the 2020 holidays only reinforcing the critical nature of this relatively new imperative.

You will learn: FedEx Special Report Cover

  • About 2020 peak holiday season returns by the numbers, and how it went
  • How retailers are upping their ecommerce returns game
  • About the major impact of returns on the customer experience and loyalty
  • How dropoff locations, QR codes and no-box, no-label returns are gaining in popularity

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