How Salyers Group Joined the Fight Against Coronavirus

Amid all the pain and heartbreak of the coronavirus outbreak, stories keep bubbling to the surface that demonstrate the power of the human spirit, the can-do attitude of Americans and what unites rather than divides us.

Everyone has likely seen inspirational videos of crowds cheering hospital staffs leaving at shift change, or heard about companies donating their services, and individuals donating large sums, to help fight the invisible enemy. Let’s keep it going even after we get past the COVID-19 crisis!

The Salyers Group, which includes Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Furs and several sister businesses in Covington, KY, is one such company. In March, they pivoted from production of faux fur to churning out thousands of face masks, first for front-line emergency personnel in the area, then to area businesses, and finally to the broader public. Salyers Group has also been donating food from its catering and events business to local charities that was unused and would have been tossed.

Lauri Sullivan, CFO and COO of The Salyers Group, discusses the company’s various efforts and how they’re keeping connected with customers — including brides who have seen wedding plans dashed — in our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast.

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