Vergona Outdoors Streamlines Its Ecommerce Shipping

Vergona Outdoors, a 10-year-old family-owned and operated retailer offering top-quality hunting and archery products, sells through Amazon, eBay, its website and a physical store. The company’s emphasis on offering only top-line products they’d use personally resonated with customers and quickly led to a thriving business.

With solid sales, the company outgrew its first location within four years. Initially Vergona Outdoors handled its own shipping but found it to be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. The company was looking to streamline its ecommerce shipping process and partnered with ShippingEasy in 2014.

“ShippingEasy has cut our shipping time in half, and that is no exaggeration because I’ve timed it,” said Fawn Vergona, IT/Finance Manager. “Selling online is a 24/7 job. Working with ShippingEasy has allowed us to work smarter and faster. With the time savings, we can focus on purchasing, investigating new product lines, and profitability analysis, which allows us to grow our business both online and in our brick-and-mortar store.”

Since it started using ShippingEasy in 2014, Vergona has seen a 33% increase in sales. During its busy season from June through September, the company ships 200-250 packages per day.

“We couldn’t do that without ShippingEasy,” Vergona said. “Their solution provides us with a completely seamless way to connect with our online stores. We literally were shipping the same day we signed up.  With the time savings we can focus on purchasing, investigating new product lines and profitability analysis, allowing us to grow our business both online and in our brick-and-mortar store.”

Vergona said another benefit of ShippingEasy is the ability to set up customized shipping rules. This allows them to automate repeatable processes so staffers don’t have to focus time and effort on them. For instance, they can apply a pink category for orders over a certain value to identify ones that need an added signature confirmation. This prevents higher value items from slipping through due to human error and makes sure they’re grouped properly. For instance, a rule could say that Amazon orders over $150 or eBay orders over $750 are automatically coded for signature.

Shipping rules also allow Vergona Outdoors to set estimated order weights for items that have been shipped before. This removes the need to weigh each package and quickly pulls in carrier rate quotes. Vergona can compare quotes from a single screen and choose the most cost shipping method.

Using ShippingEasy, the team at Vergona Outdoors has been able to focus on improving product offerings, growing the business and keeping customers happy while make the ecommerce shipping process faster and more efficient.

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