WERC Salary Survey: VP Logistics is Tops

If you’re a vice president of logistics, chances are you’re walking around with a few more dollars in your pocket than your counterparts, at least according to 2006 Warehousing Sales and Wages guide from the Warehousing and Education Research Council. The WERC says that in 2006, a vice president of logistics received $151,250 in salary compared to $147,625 in 2004, a 2% increase. A director of logistics earned $138,000 in 2006, down slightly from $138,500 in 2004.

Lower level warehouse employees fared somewhat better, at least when it comes to the percentage change from 2004. A warehouse worker’s pay increased 4.8% from two years ago, followed by customer service representatives, a 4.7% increase, shipping/receiving clerks up 4.5%, forklift operators up 4.2%, and order filler/pickers up 3.5%

Other findings from the salary survey include:

49% of vice president of logistics have more than 20 years of warehouse/logistics experience, and 82% have a college degree or higher.

87% of the warehouses surveyed were non-union. Salaries and wages among employees working in union warehouses were typically higher than those in non-union warehouses.

42% of all warehouses surveyed have one work shift, 32% have two work shifts and 26% have three. Compared with the first shift, the typical warehouse pays 38 cents more per hour to second shift non-exempt employees and 50 cents more to third shift employees.

For more on WERCs 2006 salary survey, got to www.werc.org.