Women in Operations 2016 | Lynn Jeffrey

Lynn-JeffreyLynn Jeffrey
Vermont Teddy Bear Company
Senior Director Operations

My job: Strategic, financial, and human resource planning, and setting policy and procedures for the Contact and Distribution Centers.

Which best describes your career path? I always had an interest in logistics/operations, and followed my passion. I started my career in a different field and, over time, decided logistics/operations was a better fit for me.

Which of the following resources have helped you in learning to become a logistics/operations professional? Mentors (both outside & on the job); On the Job/Experiential; Family/Friends

My first job in retail operations was: Evening Manager The Vermont Country Store, where I had responsibility for running the evening shifts of order processing, telephone processing, customer service, receiving, inventory control, fulfillment and shipping.

I’ve been in this field for: 25 years

I’ve been in this role for: 2 years

Roughly, what percent of your company’s operations team are women? 30%.

What is the most interesting part of your job and why? I enjoy the combination of right brain, left brain work.  A typical day involves analyzing data, and reviewing productivity rates, trouble shooting processes including machinery, and motivating employees.

What is the most challenging part of your job and why? Helping organizations change their perspective about Operations being a necessary evil by moving from cost centers to profit centers.

When looking to hire logistics/operations managers, what techniques produce the best results? Networking; Working with specialized recruitment firms and consultants; Promoting from within your current team; Advertising.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in logistics/operations? When I was with Vermont Country Store, I executed moving a warehouse of product with over 10,000 SKUs to a larger facility with state of the art equipment and systems.  Implemented an ongoing slot management program to drive pick productivity regardless of season.  Created a semi-automated replenishment program to improve availability of inventory in pick locations.

If asked by another woman interested in the field of logistics/operations, what would you list as the pros and cons? I don’t look at challenges by gender, as competence is the key and confidence in the skills and ability required to execute the job responsibilities.

Are you currently mentoring other women interested in logistics? Yes

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