Axerve Partners With Viceversa to Offer Revenue-Based Financing to Ecommerce Businesses, Enabling Their Growth

Axerve’s Ecommerce customers will gain privileged access to the capital needed for growth, through an innovative Revenue-Based Financing model provided by Viceversa.

Viceversa allows access to flexible, quick, non-dilutive, and guarantee-free capital options that enables ecommerce firms to invest in digital marketing activities. Revenue-Based Financing is an alternative to Venture Capital or other instruments, allowing ecommerce firms to periodically access marketing investment which they can repay based on the growth of their revenues – without the need to cede business control.

The collaboration stems from the common desire of Axerve and Viceversa to help companies in the ecommerce sector in their growth and developmental paths.

Milan, Aug. 23, 2022 – Axerve, a leading European payment hub, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Viceversa, a European data-driven fintech platform, to offer its ecommerce customers Viceversa’s innovative Revenue-Based Financing formula for accessing capital.

The partnership arises from the common will to support companies in the ecommerce sector in their growth and developmental paths. Thanks to the Revenue-Based model Axerve’s ecommerce customers will gain access to capital of up to 1 million euros through the innovative form of hybrid financing, that, being halfway between debt and equity, is characterized by a plan to repay the funds by sharing a percentage of the income.

The resources will then be invested in digital marketing activities, a fundamental tool for developing the credibility of companies, and engaging their end customers, and is consequently key to achieving exponential business growth.

Thanks to the sharing of business data, which Viceversa captures for analysis, the companies that apply will have access to structured analytics on their business and effective marketing spend, information that is essential for better investing the available budget. As a result, metrics such as CAC (cost of customer acquisition) or ROAS (return on investment in advertising), will no longer be a secret for the e-commerce firms that apply, but can be harnessed.

The data confirms the value of Revenue-Based Financing. As Allied Market Research highlighted in 2021, the global Revenue-Based Financing market will reach the value of $ 42.34 billion by 2027, with a growth of 61.8%.

“Coming from the world of startup investments, we know very well the growth needs of digital companies,” said Matteo Masserdotti, CEO of Viceversa CEO. “Thanks to our data-driven, fast and flexible solution, we are able to provide capital and useful information to companies, in order to better invest their marketing budget. With Axerve, we have created a win-win relationship in which the ultimate winner is the client company that can quickly access the funds and data necessary for its growth.”

“Axerve acts as a partner for the growth of its customers’ business and, in this context, signs agreements with innovative companies, such as Viceversa, that offer models facilitating this goal,” said Alessandro Bocca, CEO of Axerve. “Digital marketing is a crucial tool for the success of an e-commerce business even if it is not so easy to find the resources necessary to support these expenses from the traditional banking world. Thanks to the partnership with Viceversa, our customers will be able to obtain financing quickly and without selling shares in their company. Another advantage is that they are sustainable loans, with a low average value and installments that grow with the growth in turnover.”



Europe’s leading Revenue Based Financing platform has developed a data-driven, fast, and flexible investment model that enables digital companies to receive growth capital in as little as 3 days. In addition to capital, companies have access to a dashboard with metrics and business information needed to invest their marketing budget. After a seed round of 23 million, which closed in November 2021, more than 50 digital companies across Europe have become Viceversa’s clients, registering an average annual growth of more than 200 percent, thanks to the capital and insights the company makes available to them. Through its fully integrated technology, Viceversa enables its active ecommerce partners to offer capital directly to their customers, creating enormous added value. Viceversa is identified as the best payment solutions in Italy and internationally, thanks to a flexible and intuitive infrastructure.


Part of Fabrick’s Fintech ecosystem, Axerve stands for over 100,000 active customers, as a partner for business development helping them to understand, anticipate and address the needs of the market thanks to technological and innovative solutions for the point of sale and Ecommerce. Axerve supports them nationally and internationally and in every single market, integrates value-added services to meet the needs of physical and online stores with a personalized user experience, offering over 250 payment methods. The offer consists of a single platform to accept any type of payment, from all physical and digital channels, in a clear, simple and secure way, through physical and digital gateways, such as POS, Ecommerce solutions, Cashin machines, applications and value-added services; with the aim of offering an answer to all questions in the field of payment acceptance, offering new solutions (in-store, mobile and digital) adapting to the specific needs of customers. Axerve Ecommerce Solutions
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