Cooler Screens Provides Consumers Better In-Store Experiences By Taking A Privacy-First Approach

Amidst major concerns surrounding Big Tech privacy standards, one emerging media platform solidifies  commitment to consumer privacy with Privacy by Design Certification

Chicago, Aug. 12, 2020 — Cooler Screens, the world’s largest in-store digital media platform at the retail point of sale, is bringing the best of online shopping to brick-and-mortar retail, creating a better in-store experience for consumers.

Consumers expect privacy while shopping, and Cooler Screens has prioritized defining a privacy standard for appropriately deploying digitized media and merchandising at retail. Cooler Screens is the first retail technology platform to fully embrace and adopt “Privacy by Design,” a rigorous framework developed by global privacy expert Dr. Ann Cavoukian to advance consumer privacy, and has recently been awarded a Privacy by Design certification.

Previous generations of digital retail and “Big Tech” companies have relied on capturing personal data and linking it to individual buyers to deliver new insights and make money. Cooler Screens’ approach is just the opposite. Cooler Screens never seeks to identify individuals and never gathers or uses personally identifiable or linkable information.

“Our technology does not support it. Our business model does not require it,” says Arsen Avakian, CEO and Founder of Cooler Screens. “In other words, unlike others who are identity-dependent, Cooler Screens is ‘identity blind’. Without access to a consumer’s identity – and without any incentive to collect private information – the usual privacy risks are eliminated and consumers remain privacy-safe.”

“Privacy is an essential element of today’s business landscape and must become integral to organizational priorities, project objectives, design processes and planning,” said Dr. Ann Cavoukian, creator of Privacy by Design and Executive Director of the Global Privacy and Security by Design Centre. “It is clear that Cooler Screens has prioritized user privacy as a foundational element, and no action is required by individuals to be protected, it is offered automatically, by design. Cooler Screens is leading the industry in taking steps to provide enhanced privacy standards as a core part of the customer experience.”

Cooler Screens replaces traditional cooler doors with high-resolution smart screens and sensors both outside and inside of the coolers that track inventory and product placing, count foot traffic and gauge consumer interactions – without capturing any personal information.

While major brands continue to shift advertising dollars from existing tech platforms grappling to keep consumer data safe, 93% of consumers who have experienced Cooler Screens prefer them over traditional cooler doors and more than 100 brands have partnered with Cooler Screens. This represents that digital retail technology can excite consumers, while simultaneously preserving expectations surrounding privacy.

An emerging standard for consumer privacy, the Privacy by Design (PbD) Certification is built on the premise that privacy should be automatically embedded into the design, operation and management of IT systems, networks and business practices, to ensure the interest of the user is a top priority. PbD includes seven foundational principles that come together to achieve robust data protection for users. Those looking to achieve the certification are required to follow an in-depth assessment of ability to achieve a mix of foundational principles, legal requirements, privacy and security standards, and industry best practices.

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About Cooler Screens:
Cooler Screens is reimagining the consumer experience in brick-and-mortar retail. The company has developed a patented in-store digital merchandising and media platform that enables consumers to experience in-store what they love about shopping online. Enjoying simplified access to the latest and most relevant information, consumers can now make more informed in-store decisions to best fit their budgets, taste and health preferences. The impact for retailers is a dynamic way to increase sales by offering shoppers a better, more personalized experience at the last mile of advertising. For consumer product companies, Cooler Screens is providing a new platform to build brand awareness, market their products at the point-of-sale, and improve visibility with real-time analytics. For more information, please visit

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