Cymbio Launches Support for Amazon, Automating the Entire Sales Process for Any Brand Selling on the World’s Largest Online Retailer

Support for Amazon follows hundreds of integrations that Cymbio has rolled-out with other marketplaces and retailers, enabling Cymbio’s customers to reach new consumers

TEL AVIV, Nov. 22, 2022 — Cymbio, the all-in-one digital sales growth platform for brands, announced today that it now supports Amazon, automating the entire sales process for brands selling on Amazon. 

With Cymbio, any brand can now automatically connect with Amazon’s platform to automate all backend operations both to Amazon and also to other marketplace and retailer connections, including managing the onboarding and listing of their products, maximizing available-to-sell inventory, fulfilling orders and streamlining billing and collections. 

Automating these processes provides Cymbio’s brand customers with the ability to create a long-lasting impact on their businesses. Cymbio’s platform enables brands to free up valuable time and resources, which they can use to scale their business and partner with new retailers to achieve real growth.

In addition to Cymbio’s automation platform, Cymbio recently launched Cymbio Finance, which provides tools for brands to automate their fin-ops across retailers and marketplaces like Amazon. By consolidating financial flows and enabling next-day payouts, Cymbio empowers brands to gain more control over their finances so that they can put their profits back to work almost immediately.

“Cymbio has built the industry playbook for how brands can simply integrate and automate manual ecommerce operations for a seamless collaborative experience with retail and marketplace platforms,” said Roy Avidor, Co-Founder and CEO of Cymbio. “This allows our brand customers to sell with ease – and more importantly – reach their customers wherever they are. The integration with Amazon completes the last piece of the puzzle, further enabling our customers to grow revenue by automating the integration process for them on the world’s largest online retailer.”

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About Cymbio

Cymbio is an all-in-one digital growth platform built for brands to manage and automate all processes, operations and collaborations with retail partners. Cymbio takes care of otherwise manual tasks, automating the various operations between brands and their retail partners, enabling any brand to sell on any retailer. With Cymbio, tasks such as populating product data, inventory, mapping, taxonomy, orders, documents, billing, cash flow management, reconciliation, payment collection, and gathering data and analytics are entirely automated. 

With a laser-focus on helping brands achieve seamless growth and profitability using its platform, Cymbio has quickly grown its roster of 400+ tier-one brands, such as New Balance, Authentic Brands Group, Steve Madden, Marchesa, Camper, Micro Kickboard, and thousands of others as well as over 800 partnered retailers. For more information, please visit