FutureProof Retail and Halla Provide Personalized Recommendations for Mobile Self-Scanning and Checkout

New York, NY – Sept. 16, 2019 –  FutureProof Retail (FPR), the leading provider of line free mobile checkout and service counter solutions and Halla, the only software company that dynamically profiles human taste to help people make better food choices, have entered into a partnership.

Together, the two companies will enable retailers to deploy FPR’s mobile self-scanning checkout and service counter solutions fully integrated with Halla’s Intelligent Ordering (I/O) engine to offer personalized recommendations to their customers.

FPR’s solution enables shoppers to use their smartphones to scan items while they are shopping. They can then pay on their phone, skip the lines at checkout and leave the store. With Halla’s I/O technology, retailers can provide personalized recommendations in FPR’s app as customers start shopping, when they scan items and based on all items in their cart before they check out.

Halla I/O uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze products, recipes, restaurant dishes, ingredients and nutrition information to ‘understand’ taste. As a result, I/O does not just recommend items frequently bought together; it understands what specific dishes the customer is shopping to prepare, such as pasta bolognese, based on the items in the cart.

Halla’s recommendations drive incremental sales based not only on past purchases, but also on the emotional discovery of products the shopper had not planned to buy. Grocery retailers gain shoppers, increase basket sizes and shopping frequency.

“Amazon generates 35% of its sales through recommendations,” says Di Di Chan, President of FutureProof Retail. “The integration of FutureProof Retail’s self-scanning checkout solution with Halla I/O provides retailers with the same revenue potential in-store.”

“FutureProof Retail’s self-scanning app provides customers the same convenience in-store that they experience online,” says Spencer Price, CEO of Halla. “ We are adding personalized and taste-based recommendations to convert buying based on shopping lists into grocery shopping that is fun and full of discovery. ”


About FutureProof Retail

Founded in 2013 by a group of impatient shoppers and award-winning developers in New York, FutureProof Retail (FPR) brings the best of online shopping offline by creating mobile shopping applications for retailers. FPR’s mobile platform features line-free mobile checkout and line-free order-ahead retail. FutureProof Retail offers unique and customizable solutions for many retail verticals: grocery, fashion, big box, convenience, micro-markets, stadiums, airports, and more. For more information or to schedule a demo visit Futureproofretail.com or contact sales@futureproofretail.com.


About Halla

Halla is the only software company that dynamically profiles human taste to help people make better food choices. Halla’s core offering, Halla I/O (Intelligent Ordering) uses Natural Language Processing and statistical Machine Learning to deploy real-time recommendations based on human taste across grocers’ eCommerce environments. The accuracy of Halla’s recommendations lead to significant increases in basket size and shopper satisfaction. Halla works with some of the largest grocery retailers in the world and participated in Food-X, the leading food innovation accelerator. To request a demo of Halla’s deep food intelligence revolution, check out Halla.io.

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