LeadsRx Announces New Capabilities That Reveal Entire Paths-To-Purchase for Mobile App Events Including Television, OTT, Podcast, Radio, Digital, and More

LeadsRx Journey™ identifies all touchpoints on the customer’s path-to-purchase, giving app developers key insight into marketing programs that drive app installs and in-app events

App developers can now increase return on ad spend by knowing how all marketing programs contribute to conversion events

Portland, OR, Nov. 30, 2021 – Marketing analytics company LeadsRx today announced new capabilities for mobile app developers that solve the problem of multi-touch attribution (MTA) for app installs, registrations, and in-app events. Previously, developers were limited to “last digital touch” analysis, which ignored ad spend in certain marketing mediums and resulted in over-valuing other touchpoints. Today’s announcement marks an important change that can dramatically improve ad spend effectiveness for all app developers.

The mobile app industry has long struggled to capture complete attribution of its marketing campaigns, hoping that one magic-bullet ad would make it “the next big app.” A mobile app developer investing in TV advertising is potentially not understanding the true value TV is providing because they are looking at current attribution data that is incomplete. Marketing via TV might well be adding a valuable contribution to a customer’s path-to-purchase, but without measurement of it and all other touchpoints, the complete picture of what is driving app events is unclear.

With today’s announcement, LeadsRx introduces a solution called LeadsRx Journey™ that captures 100% of the touchpoints contributing to app conversions. The solution is available today. Using LeadsRx Journey, app developers can properly value all mediums, including TV, podcasting, OTT, radio, digital ads, and more to accurately understand paths-to-purchase previously hidden by last digital touch analysis.

“With more complex buying cycles, valuing each medium in the buyer journey is critically important,” said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. “We are proud to provide a solution to app developers that reveals the all-important paths-to-purchase so they can add lifetime value to existing customers and lower new customer acquisition costs. The days of 99-cent apps are gone, and it’s why customer journey analytics is so important.”

For more details on LeadsRx Journey™ click here.

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