MetaCX CXLayer To Transform SaaS Apps for the Performance Economy

Indianapolis, March 1, 2021 — MetaCX launched CXLayer, an industry-first capability that allows MetaCX success plans to be embedded directly into any SaaS application or digital experience. Making value realization insights and proof of performance data a visible and differentiating part of the product experience, this delivers on a major component of the three-part integration plan the company announced last month.

Available now, CXLayer can be used as an embedded success layer for SaaS companies that want to drive more engagement with their users and improve customer retention by bringing value realization to the forefront of the product experience.

Second, it can be embedded directly into any portal, website or internal app — such as Salesforce, for example — used to manage the customer relationship as a way to bring live customer engagement to these traditionally internal tools. Lastly, the CXLayer can be used stand-alone as a collaborative customer experience for companies that don’t have a SaaS product or an existing digital experience to extend.

MetaCX is pioneering what it sees as a coming shift from the subscription economy, where revenue is renewable based on term contracts, to the performance economy, where these subscriptions are highly dependent on explicit proof of value as the threshold for renewal.