SalesFuel and BIA Kelsey announce 2018 Local Impact partnership


4 U.S. Events helping businesses keep up with rapid sales, marketing and business development landscape 

WESTERVILLE, Ohio (May 1, 2018) — SalesFuel is pleased to announce its sponsorship of BIA Kelsey’s LOCAL IMPACT events happening nationwide in 2018.

SalesFuel’s sponsorship includes support for LOCAL IMPACT Events in Washington, D.C. on May 10th, Los Angeles on July 12th, New York City on September 26th and Miami on November 8th.  Why is SalesFuel supporting the LOCAL IMPACT Events?

BIA Kelsey projects total local advertising revenue in the U.S. will increase 5.2 percent in 2018 to $151 billion, the largest annual increase in five years. The combination of significant marketplace growth opportunities, along with innovation and consolidation means it is vital to determine new strategies to grow business revenue.

“The LOCAL IMPACT events are always on the top of the wave of business strategy evolution,” says SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith. “Our sponsorship and support is our way to make sure we’re current and provide value when developing new, cutting-edge products and services to our customers.”

The core of all the LOCAL IMPACT events allows this via these core agenda exercises, including:

  • Cross-platform, attribution and campaign optimization
  • Addressability, data-driven audience planning and buying
  • National brands and local affiliates and ties with local market automation
  • Ad fraud considerations when targeting local audiences
  • ATSC 3.0 opportunity and status
  • Digital buying/selling, strategies and key players

“The sales, marketing and business development arenas are changing at a very rapid pace,” says Smith. “We always have our eyes on new strategies and technologies to help us keep up and want to support these events so our stakeholders can plan effectively for their business futures as well.”

LOCAL IMPACT attendees will also be privy to proprietary research to help shape future sales, marketing and product plans, including:

  • Share of Wallet– Analysis and insights from BIA Kelsey forecasts, which cover vertical ad spend across media, to examine the spend both nationwide and in a local market.
  • Advertisers, Their Dollars & Plans– Results from BIA Kelsey’s advertiser survey that reveals planning and spending intentions across top ad platforms.
  • LaaS Workshop – New for 2018, the Local as a Service™ (LaaS) marketplace workshop will examine the rise of local marketing automation, aka, “through channel marketing automation, which has fundamentally reshaped the ecosystem for brands, agencies, local affiliates, and both digital and traditional media. This new workshop will bring together thought leaders, case studies, new research and present a roadmap for brands, agencies, media, adTech and martech companies to better understand the dynamics of local media markets and how they are evolving.
  • Interactive table discussions–  These sessions will drill into topics most important to attendees. Led by BIA analysts and our partners, table discussions will be a significant opportunity to have an engaging discussion with leaders and potential partners.

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