Theorem Anticipates Future Customer Needs by Creating a New Flexible, Full-Service Approach to Marketing Solutions

New York, June 9, 2021 — At a time when brand marketers, advertisers, and publishers are undergoing a period of mass transformation, Theorem today announces its plans to challenge traditional working models by creating a flexible, and full-service, marketing solution offering. The company is consolidating all its deep strategic talent into one consultancy team, while also expanding its six global operations teams to focus more on client servicing and delivery.

“We understand that, in the current climate, today’s brands are fed up with relying on agencies and consulting firms that feel disconnected to the overall business strategy,” said Jay Kulkarni, Founder and CEO, Theorem. “The majority of brands are clear on their strategy; what they want and appreciate is flexible expertise that is as deep as it is effective. At Theorem, we embody such an approach, taking existing business strategies and turning them into actionable digital campaigns for our clients.”

Mass disruption accelerated by the pandemic, privacy regulations, walled gardens and technology complexity is materially impacting the ability of brands and publishers to succeed. In response, Theorem has evolved its business and delivery model to more effectively and efficiently create, deliver, and optimize all forms of digital marketing campaigns.

In an increasingly complicated market, today’s brands do not need siloed solutions or inflexible agency relationships. To help solve this, Theorem has brought media, creative, marketing, CRM, technology and data into a single proposition, all based on a flexible working model. When combined with strategic partnerships such as Salesforce and LinkedIn, the Theorem offering helps their customers excel across industry-leading platforms.

The company works with top brands and publishers, including Tory Burch, Pandora, Roku, News Corp, Hearst and the New York Times, to operate as a true extension to their in-house teams and support their overall business goals and marketing strategies. Their solutions range from audit and strategy, through to complete delivery and managed services.

“Brands and publishers can no longer afford to sacrifice on revenue because of internal knowledge gaps or team time constraints,” Kulkarni said. “Simply put, the future can no longer afford to be siloed or inflexible. At Theorem, we serve as a true extension to existing brand, media, and publisher teams to help guide them through the digital ecosystem, so that their own teams can stay focused on their own business success.”