Tipsy Elves Partners with HiOperator to Handle Huge Spike in Customer Service Inquiries During Holiday Season

Third consecutive holiday season HiOperator has handled Tipsy Elves’ customer service tickets, maintaining specific brand voice and high customer satisfaction rate

DALLAS, Sept. 28, 2021 – HiOperator, a scalable customer service-as-a-service solution, today announces its third consecutive holiday season with Tipsy Elves. Now celebrating their 10-year anniversary, Tipsy Elves skyrocketed in popularity after appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013, where they showcased the most outrageous clothes known to mankind to make life’s celebrations more fun. The company now has over 20 clothing categories, including ugly Christmas sweaters, Hawaiian shirts and swim trunks, ski suits and Halloween costumes.

In 2017, the Director of People at Tipsy Elves was sleeping in his office throughout the holidays to keep up with demand – including customer inquiries. The team realized they needed additional support and looked for a customer service partner who could maintain their brand voice and high expectations of customer service. HiOperator staffs U.S. based customer service agents and is competitive with offshore prices – it was the clear first choice for Tipsy Elves.

The company typically experiences an 868% increase in customer service tickets from September to December. Prior to using HiOperator, Tipsy Elves hired and trained 70-80 seasonal workers to support their full-time customer service representatives – a costly and time-consuming exercise. By deploying a unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, automation, and highly trained staff that offer a personal touch, HiOperator’s workflow system ensures higher quality and faster response times, alleviating the need for dozens of support staff.

“HiOperator is different than other customer service companies because we use a small percentage of AI to help streamline workflow, while our dedicated agents maintain empathetic, human interactions with customers – something that is vital in today’s customer service world,” said Liz Tsai, CEO and founder of HiOperator. “Last holiday season with Tipsy Elves, we saw an average customer satisfaction rate of 90%, a high percentage given the immense ticket volumes that came through. As we ramp up for this upcoming holiday season, we’re eager to hit the ground running and maintain that satisfaction rate.”

HiOperator worked with Tipsy Elves to adapt their unique brand voice through a combination of training collaboration with both companies’ teams and “augmented empathy” – where HiOperator’s software helps direct agents in the right direction of how to assist specific customer needs.

“As Tipsy Elves started to take off, we immediately saw the increase of customer tickets and recognized the effort needed to maintain our high expectations of exceptional customer service,” said Gavin Sorey, Senior Director of People at Tipsy Elves. “When looking for a customer service partner for our company, we were hesitant based on the stereotypical perception of an overseas company that would prioritize a cookie-cutter experience over our specific needs. When we found HiOperator, we loved that their agents were U.S.-based, and they really made the effort to align with our brand and goals, not the other way around.”


About HiOperator
HiOperator, a customer service-as-a-service solution that allows businesses to handle client tickets faster and more accurately through the power of human and AI technology. By pairing AI technology with its highly empathic, US-based customer service agents, HiOperator can resolve client tickets faster, more accurately and more securely. Its services are cost-competitive, as it charges per ticket and has low monthly minimums. This also allows it to quickly scale to meet client needs during retail’s busiest seasons.

About Tipsy Elves
Tipsy Elves’ mission is simple: They transform moments that matter into memories that last a lifetime by creating apparel that makes life more fun. Tipsy Elves skyrocketed after being on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013, and since then has had several holiday collaborations around Christmas and Halloween, celebrating every holiday in between. From Taco Bell to Slim Jim, Tipsy Elves continues to partner with reputable brands in the industry, creating extraordinary moments throughout the year. Tipsy Elves hopes to pull out the extrovert in everyone through unique apparel with a touch of humor. Whether that’s the greatest “ugly” Christmas sweater, a Halloween skeleton onesie or keeping you decked out for the Fourth of July, Tipsy Elves has something for every celebration under the sun.

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