Trustology and MoonPay Team Up to Enable TrustVault Users to Top Up Their Cryptocurrencies in Minutes

Oct. 29, London – Trustology, a UK-based fintech company focused on providing high-end, insured custodial wallet solutions to secure and manage cryptoassets, today announced it has integrated MoonPay into its TrustVault custodial wallet platform. The move enables users to quickly buy cryptocurrencies by simply connecting their TrustVault app with the fiat-to-crypto payments platform MoonPay to purchase cryptocurrencies.

With MoonPay’s seamless on-ramp for fiat currency, users can now go into their TrustVault app and instantly buy BTC, ETH, DAI and BAT using ApplePay or their debit  and credit cards. The process only takes a few moments and the assets arrive within minutes into their TrustVault account. “At MoonPay we believe a user-friendly onboarding experience is essential to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. We’re thrilled to partner with Trustology to help users top-up their TrustVault accounts instantly,” said Ivan Soto-Wright, co-founder and CEO of MoonPay.

Commenting on the integration, Alex Batlin, CEO of Trustology said: “ We think that harnessing the benefits of MoonPay takes us one step closer to becoming a one-stop solution for cryptoassets. To use cryptoassets, you need a wallet that’s super secure, easy to use and very fast, and we’ve built exactly that with TrustVault. So, we have a custodial wallet platform with an adaptable end-user experience. Ultimately, we want people to think of Trustology as the gateway to crypto-assets and applications, or put another way, a distribution channel for future financial services. After all, in the same way that the internet did not reach mass adoption until folks had access to great browsers, and banks were needed to channel financial services, so now we need amazing wallets to drive next-generation decentralised finance on the internet.”