VARGO® Unveils New Social Distancing Feature in COFE WES Software

The new functionality automates one-picker-per-aisle workflows that maintain safe social distance for warehouse workers

HILLIARD, OH, July 14, 2020 — VARGO®, a leading provider of material handling systems integration, warehouse execution software and equipment solutions for major fulfillment and distribution centers, has unveiled a new social distancing feature to its COFE® continuous order fulfillment execution system.

For large volume sites, COFE®’s algorithms and AI functionality can now be specifically programmed to create a process where only one person is working in the same pick aisle at a time, keeping workers a minimum of one per pick aisle, or 8 feet apart, in the picking areas.

This feature helps fulfillment centers maintain high productivity and high worker safety protocols at the same time. Often, social distancing slows down workflows in order to keep workers spaced apart. But the new COFE® function automates the distancing so that it integrates into the overall workflow. For example, if there is one worker in a specific aisle, COFE® will send multiple picks to that employee to maximize the time they spend in that pick aisle.

Because COFE® already promotes a decoupled work process, it is a natural a fit with social distancing and goes along with the philosophy of rewarding the most productive associates with more work.

“COFE® has always done an outstanding job of delegating work and keeping workers productive. During COVID, we’ve been able to leverage these same features to aid operations with social distancing requirements and desires,” said Art Eldred, Client Executive, Systems Engineering at VARGO®.

The social distancing feature is available for large-volume warehouse sites. More information is available by calling 877.876.6384 or emailing


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