Wellness Brand Opts for Popular Ecomm Tech for Operational Health Boost

Austin, TX, Dec. 14, 2021 – Wellness brand The Good Patch® is set to get a health boost after choosing to partner with Brightpearl to streamline its retail operations.

The multichannel brand, founded in 2017, will now have access to Brightpearl’s built-for-retail operating system, with dedicated functionality that includes an intuitive demand planner tool, powerful automation engine and advanced reporting and analytics.

The Good Patch® sells a range of wearable wellness patches for life’s everyday ailments. Their patches, including top sellers B12 Awake, Dream, Relax, and Rescue, release a steady stream of ingredients over 8-12 hours. The products reach customers directly via a Shopify-powered website and Amazon (FBA), as well as being stocked at leading retailers such as Target, Ulta and Anthropologie, and spas and boutiques across the U.S.

After experiencing the operational complexity that comes with rapid growth, The Good Patch® selected Brightpearl for its superior range of purpose-built features that scale as businesses do. With its open API, best-in-class tools including WMS and CRM, and easy Plug & Play integrations with third-party e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Amazon, Brightpearl blew low-rent options like Cin7 and Veeqo out of the water.

Following a lightning-quick deployment of just 119 days, The Good Patch® can now eliminate inaccuracies and save hours every week by automating tedious tasks like manual order management via spreadsheets.

Brightpearl’s market-leading Demand Planner will also grant critical insight, allowing the business to better forecast sales, accurately manage stock levels across multiple sales channels and make meaningful data-driven decisions to boost their business and grow fearlessly.

Additionally, The Good Patch® will benefit from having Brightpearl as a real-time single source of truth – with all back-end processes such as inventory, ordering and warehouse management simplified and streamlined. The warehouse team can now fulfill orders in real-time from multiple sales channels, so customers will get their goods faster than ever.

“After sitting through multiple demos for various ERPs we found that the “one size fits all” model was not going to work,” said Noel Espinosa, Operations Manager at The Good Patch®. “Enter Brightpearl, the team was impressed not only by the capabilities but more so by how customizable the system is. During the implementation, we were able to tailor the system to work for us with powerful automations that as a result have improved overall efficiency allowing us to deliver our beloved products to our customers with ease.”

“The Good Patch® is an excellent example of a fast-growing brand all set to reap the benefits of Brightpearl’s extensive, retail-focused operating system,” said Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl. “Now, rather than patching holes in their processes, the team can use the time saved and the features at their fingertips to Grow Fearlessly. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the Brightpearl family and we can’t wait to see what they do next.”


About Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a Retail Operating System (ROS) for retailers and wholesalers that’s built for hyper scalability. Brightpearl’s mission is clear: automate the back office so merchants can get back time and grow fearlessly.

Brightpearl’s ROS includes financial management, inventory and sale order management, demand planning, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfilment, warehouse and logistics.

In addition, the solution has high-performing connectors to the major ecommerce platforms, including Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify. 3,000+ businesses in 26 countries use our platform. We manage over $5bn of business a year.

Our team guides commerce businesses through a highly efficient implementation process which typically gets them up and running in less than 120 days – twice as fast as our competitors.

Brightpearl’s US headquarters is in the heart of downtown Austin with a global headquarters in Bristol, UK. You can connect with us on Twitter (@BrightpearlHQ), LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/Brightpearl), and Facebook (facebook.com/brightpearl).

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