Simplifying Your Ecommerce Checkout for Cross-Border Customers

International payment offerings alone do not make you a cross-border merchant. Shopping on U.S.-based websites can be confusing to cross-border shoppers. So when targeting cross-border customers, sellers need to be conscious of the distinctive needs of shoppers in other countries.

For example, once the customer has decided to make the purchase, have you made the checkout experience simple? If your checkout is not properly optimized for cross-border customers, you could see poor conversion rates, have unhappy customers because forms do not match local address formats, and have missed deliveries due to poor data quality.

Download Multichannel Merchant’s Special Report on cross-border ecommerce checkouts and learn:

  • When to supply vital information to customers about shipping fees, VAT, and tariffs
  • Why localizing the shopping cart helps put the customer at ease
  • How important it is to include international payment offerings
  • How to build trust

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