Analyze this

| Dina Santorelli

Imagine a 24/7, real-time focus group one that gives you access to a customer’s every move. Imagine sitting upon the shopper’s shoulders as he views your

Shopping around

| Heather Retzlaff

Comparison shopping engines can help you boost sales and acquire customers provided your company’s product is a top contender among the search results.

Setting Up An Affiliate Program

| MCM staff

Without question, affiliate marketing can add sales. But it can also cause you headaches if you’re not careful in establishing and maintaining your program.

Reevaluating Affiliate Marketing

| MCM staff

Affiliate marketing was all the rage during the infancy of Web commerce. In the e-commerce equivalent of locker-room bragging, marketers boasted about


| MCM staff

When an industry term is on the tip of your tongue, or when you come across jargon that’s new to you, the words and definitions you need may well be right here. …