A Web of M&A activity

| Mark Del Franco

Although the number of catalog mergers and acquisitions during the second quarter remained the same as during the second quarter of 1998, Web-related

ALC, DMI mull merger

| Paul Miller

American List Counsel (ALC) may become a bigger fish in the list industry pond. The Princeton, NJ-based list firm has signed a nonbinding letter of intent

A Web-only

| MCM staff

Many computer buyers prefer to serve themselves by shopping on the Web, and computer marketers are more than happy to comply. In fact, cataloger/retailer

A&E: From TV to Web to print

| Stuart Miller

In recent years, most catalogers have jumped on the Internet bandwagon and started producing variations of their print titles online. Now A&E Television

A super service story

| MCM staff

Imagine paddling down the mighty Colorado River, four days into an 18-day rafting trip, when suddenly the inner tube on the raft holding your provisions

A present from Asia

| Shannon Oberndorf

At least one good thing has come from the Asian economic crisis: Paper prices have gone down. List prices of coated groundwood, for instance, dropped

A Y2K FIX crisis?

| Mark Del Franco

If your catalog’s computer system is not yet Y2K-compliant, you may have missed the deadline. With little more than 12 months remaining before the year

After the marriage: moving in

| Mark Del Franco

As in other industries, consolidations and mergers are sweeping through the catalog business. But only after the courtship, when it’s time to integrate

Adapting to foreign list hygiene

| MCM staff

Many catalogers hope to go global, but that goal requires keeping on top of local legal restrictions, mailing regulations, and merge/purge rules. These