Forrester: Mobile Will Boost Online Holiday Sales

| MCM staff

The November and December holiday shopping season is expected to generate nearly $59.5 billion in online sales, aided by increased consumer touchpoints such as tablets and smartphones that give buyers more access to the Web.

Infographic: Tablets Taking Shopping by Storm

| MCM staff

It appears tablet commerce is going to be to holiday 2011 as mobile commerce was to holiday 2010. As tablet commerce looks to have a breakthrough season, iPad catalog platform provider Moxerie benchmarked the retailers who are taking an early lead.

Is Your Company Ready for Tablet Commerce?

| MCM staff

Still wondering if a mobile channel is right for your business? Quidsi vice president of ecommerce solutions Josh Himwhich tells you why your answer is in your analytics. Hint: a lot of good little girls and boys got iPads for Christmas last year, according to post-holiday devices used to access and Himwich was interviewed my Multichannel Merchant senior writer Tim Parry on Oct 18, 2011 at Mobile Shopping Fall in New York.

Will Google Wallet Make NFC Mainstream?

| MCM staff

Mobile payments was a hot topic at the Mobile Shopping Fall forum on Oct. 18. Near Field Communications was on several speakers’ minds, and they wondered if the launch of Google Wallet will help make it mainstream.

Is Geofencing Losing its Creepiness?

| Tim Parry

Geofencing was a hot topic Monday at the Mobile Shopping Fall conference. The tactic involves marketing to an opted-in mobile customer via SMS messaging based on the customer’s proximity to a certain location.

Why Steve Jobs Led the Mobile Commerce Revolution

| MCM staff

As mobile commerce finally started to make an impact on retail sales last year, merchants pointed to two common reasons that the channel was finally taking off. One reason was the iPhone, the other reason was the iPad.