How to Know if Mobile Commerce is Right for You

| Ian MacDonald

Read any etailing trade publication or talk with any marketing consultant and you will quickly believe that you need a mobile website, yesterday. But not every retailer will benefit from a mobile site. Here is an example of how a mobile-optimized website was awesome at one company and simply not needed at another.

Studies Show Search Apps More Popular Than Retail Apps

| Tim Parry

Usage of mobile apps for mobile search far outweighs mobile app offerings by merchants, according to a pair of studies released in July. A survey by multichannel platform provider CrossView shows that just 12% of large retailers offer mobile apps to their customers. Meanwhile, a study by digital measurement company ComScore shows consumers are big on using mobile apps for local search.

Consumers are Ready for the Year of Mobile

| Richard H. Levey

In 2008, attendees at Mobile Marketing Association events were told “this is the year of mobile,” according to Alexandre Mars, CEO of Phonevalley and head of mobile for marketing agency Publicis Groupe. They were told the same thing in 2009 and 2010.

Cracking the QR code

| MCM staff

We were a bit ahead of the curve at Multichannel Merchant when we ran a cover story on QR codes back in October 2008. These funny looking, two-dimensional

Whitepaper: Tablets Leading to Mcommerce Revolution

| MCM staff

Tablets are better positioned than smartphones to deliver a positive mobile browse and shop experience, according to a whitepaper released today by The E-tailing Group and sponsored by iPad shopping app developer Coffee Table. Here’s what 996 surveyed consumers told The E-tailing Group’s Lauren Freedman.