Find Your Geographic Sweet Spots and Dead Zones

| Jim Coogan

Mailers have used zip tables for years to find hot areas to mail deeper and poor areas to avoid. You should consider optimizing your prospecting lists by geographic sweet spots to squeeze more profitable response from prospecting, while cutting out your catalog’s dead zones.

Using Catalogs to Drive Retail Traffic

| Michelle Houston

In addition to the typical modus operandi of ordering retail trade area prospecting models from the co-ops, there is a good source of names hidden in the housefile segments, and in prospect lists normally overlooked for traditional catalog mailings, due to marginal performance. There is still some retail gold left in those marginal names you may be thinking of discarding.

Google, American Blinds Get Ready to Rumble over Trademark Keywords

| Brian Quinton

(Searchline) The online advertising industry is moving fast these days. But apparently that doesn’t oblige the legal system to keep pace. Case in point: The lawsuit by American Blind & Wallpaper Factory against Google for alleged trademark infringement, which may finally get to go before a jury this November–almost four years after it was filed.

Brave New Catalogers: The Birth of Baby Dagny

| Melissa Dowling

Having a child changes your life in many ways, but for Andrea McGinty, impending motherhood inspired her to give birth to a new business. When she was pregnant with her first child and surfing the Web for baby products, she discovered that there weren’t many unique items. What’s more, the goods that did interest her were from overseas companies. So she decided to start importing baby merchandise and selling it online and, eventually, by catalog.

Neiman Marcus on IPO Rumors: “No Comment”

| Jim Tierney

Eighteen months ago, an investor group led by Texas Pacific Group and Warburg Pincus took luxury goods merchant Neiman Marcus Group private in a $5.1 billion deal. Now rumors are circulating that the luxury merchant may be preparing to file for an initial public offering

Swedish Firm to Buy Cutter & Buck

| MCM staff

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? Officials for Seattle-based sportswear manufacturer/marketer Cutter & Buck announced on April 13 that the company has agreed to be acquired by Stockholm-based New Wave Group