Customer Data Hygiene: Overcoming Marketing Roadblocks

| Anthony Pauley

Customer data hygiene might conjure up unpleasant images of sitting in a dental chair. In fact, it’s a critical aspect of marketing performance. Achieving a strong ROI begins with data hygiene and intelligent data segmentation. Here are some best practices for small, scrappy businesses in order to take their marketing campaigns to the next level.

6 Tips for Strategic Retail Business Growth

| Helen Cartwright

When starting out, new entrepreneurs have a lot of goals with the main ones being gaining recognition for their venture and rapid growth. Overnight success, however, is not the standard; you have to do it the old-fashioned way. Here are six tips that will ensure success in your retail business.

Advanced Segmentation With Third Party Data

| Andrew Fegley

The bedrock of any marketing campaign is first-party data; the information you have collected from and about your customers is invaluable in terms of understanding key metrics about the people who have purchased from, and/or are loyal to, your brand. Here is a quick glossary of the key categories of information you can get from third-party sources.