What to Consider When Selling Globally

Content Manager

Are you looking to expand your U.S.-based business globally?   There may be some things you will need to consider before going towards the international route.

Bernard Luthi, COO and CMO of Rakuten, said during an interview at IRCE 2013 that merchants will want to consider what country they are trying to get into, what products are moving well in the particular country,  what consumers are looking for and what type of content consumers want in order to make purchase decisions.

In June, Amazon announced its expansion to India, when asked what is going on in the marketplace that are making marketplaces expand globally in countries like India, Russia and Brazil; Luthi said there is a pretty significant broadband penetration going on in these countries.

“[Consumers] are researching, they are utilizing the internet to search and there is a desire for a product and desire for [an] authentic product,” said Luthi.

Luthi added, as we see these countries continue to grow and broadband usage continues to grow, it’s inevitable consumers will start making purchases online and it makes sense that online players are looking at that specifically where they see opportunity.

What makes Rakuten different from marketplaces like Amazon and eBay?  According to Luthi, the Rakuten platform is about merchant empowerment, Rakuten is building the platform but the merchant is the hero.

Rakuten wants merchants to expand its brand, communicate with consumers, and really use its platform to grow their business, encourage the consumer and merchant to come together.

“Customers are happy because they are finding products from around the world, they are discovering merchants and products,” said Luthi. “Merchants are excited because they really get to embrace their own brand within our platform.”