How an Ecommerce Presence Helped Tacoma Screw Grow

Tacoma Screw Products was a B2B seller of industrial supplies, with 16 bricks and mortar stores and no ecommerce presence. But Eric McGregor, Ecommerce and Operations Support Manager at Tacoma Screw, said the company’s customers drove the merchant to add an ecommerce channel.

“They wanted to order online, they wanted to see their pricing, they wanted to see their order status,” McGregor said in this video taken during IRCE 2014 in June. “It broadened our reach and gave us new customers.”

McGregor said an ecommerce presence has given Tacoma Screw a dive into a bigger market than it had.

“We had a traditional footprint in the Pacific Northwest, and now we do orders in all 50 states,” McGregor said.

In the video, McGregor showed off how its faceted visual search has helped everyone from handymen to novices find the types of product they needed. For example, a search for screws will give point and head styles, so a general consumer can go to the site and says “I know it looks like that one” and start narrowing down from there.

At IRCE 2014, McGregor was part of a session called “Master B2B to reach new B2C shoppers and markets,” and discussed how the distributor of nuts, bolts and MRO supplies enhanced its site to accommodate B2B customers’ operational demands, which resulted in more online orders from the B2C space and from geographic markets beyond its traditional regional reach.