EXCLUSIVE: Kibo CEO on MarketLive, Shopatron, and Unified Omnichannel Commerce

Kibo, the unified omnichannel commerce platform born of the merger of MarketLive, Shopatron, and Fiverun, had its coming out party Monday at the NRF Big Show 2106 in New York City.

Flanked by Shopatron founder Ed Stevens (who will serve as COO of Kibo) and MarketLive founder Ken Burke, Kibo CEO Kenneth Frank talked with Multichannel Merchant about the pairing of Shopatron and MarketLive to form the foundation of Kibo.

The new platform is expected to launch on January 16. Stevens and Burke said it has been piloted by co-client Modell’s Sporting Goods, which saw a significant increase is ecommerce sales this past holiday season.

Is this first video, Frank talks about the reason Vista Equity Partners sought out Shopatron and MarketLive as the foundation for the new Kibo unified omnichannel commerce platform.

“Customers see a value in the two of them working together in their environments, but unfortunately, the customers have had to be the ones to integrate the two platforms to really get the full value,” Frank said. “What’s most interesting right now is pulling the two platforms together, pulling the services, pulling the account management, building the integration between them so the customer’s burden is reduced, and as we look at other opportunities like mobile point of sale, continues that.”

In this second video, Stevens (left) and Burke talk about how the responsive redesign and the enhanced back-end capabilities helped Modell’s become an omnichannel success story this holiday season.