PartySuppliesDelivered’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Video Has Us Laughing

I saw this video on my Facebook news feed on Friday, and had to share it with colleagues Erin Lynch and Daniela Forte. And all three of us, each with a different senses of humor, were left laughing.

This product video from  explains why you need to buy your Ugly Christmas Sweater from them, and not buy one at Salvation Army. And the video gets funnier every time I view it.

Just a disclaimer: Every Wednesday, I post the “guess what day it is” Geico camel Hump DAAAY video to my Facebook wall… so now you know what gets me rolling (and I came up with the “6 Cute Kitten Memes That will Make You Go Follow @MCMerchant on Twitter” idea and memes, so, yeah, I’m pretty funny).

So back to the video: The quality isn’t the greatest (there’s the glow of the green screen around “Chris Mast,” and at about the 1:10 mark, you can hear the camera man talking). But that just makes the video even more amusing.

Plus, the fact took the time to create product video around such a hot product should lead to SEO and SEM success.

Well played, Well played.

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