Shoppers Go Mobile Over Cyber Weekend

Content Manager

Mobile devices were how shoppers were shopping during Cyber Weekend on the marketplaces.  In this video, Scot Wingo, founder and CEO of Channel Advisor talks about what they saw during the five-day shopping period.

“[During] the five-day period, eBay came in at 20.5% which is right in line with what we saw over the five-day weekend of Cyber five,  Amazon came in at 23.8%, so a little better than eBay,” said Wingo.

Wingo said Amazon pulled out their promotions early with promotions on Thanksgiving for Black Friday and the day after Black Friday, also known as Cyber Saturday, Amazon was very strong.

“They kind of shifted their promotions a day earlier,” said Wingo.  “I think they were just trying get share wallet from doing that, whereas eBay we saw waiting holding on to their promotions, so they had a real Black Friday promotion and a real Cyber Monday promotion.”

Wingo said, when it came to mobile devices, from a traffic perspective throughout the year, mobile has been at about 40% share for mobile, the biggest day they’ve seen is Thanksgiving which spiked up at 49% to 50% which is the new high water mark for mobile traffic.

“What is interesting is, conversion rates are still lower for those devices, that are smartphone and tablet, we’ve see orders or sales get up to 35% to 40% of orders, consumers use mobile devices and it’s here to stay,” said Wingo.

Wingo said Thanksgiving was a record day, folks wanted to take advantage of Thanksgiving sales, but they didn’t want to leave their families on Thanksgiving so they shopped online and used mobile devices.


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