The Fellowship of the Green Pants

The Windsor Circle team is very visible at industry tradeshows because its team wears green pants.

Loud green pants.

That’s a strategy Vice President of Marketing Andrew Pearson says is paying off for Windsor Circle, a provider of customer retention software for the retail industry.

By wearing loud green pants, Windsor Circle is able to stand out in a crowd, as it did at IRCE 2015. This way, Windsor Circle can also differentiate itself from its competition: They’re known wherever they go as the “guys in the green pants.”

Green, Peason says in this video taken June 4 at IRCE, is bold… and it’s the color of money.

Windsor Circle used the green theme to its advantage at its supersized IRCE booth. Windsor Circle gave away green pants to about 300 attendees who sat through a demo and customer testimonial. The pants were custom fit, too – Windsor Circle hired a Chicago-area tailor to make sure they were ready for its fans to wear on the last day of the conference.