Why Lingerie Startup True & Co. Ventured Into Catalogs

Since its 2012 inception, True & Co. has been revolutionizing the women’s lingerie industry online. So why did True & Co. decide to expand its reach offline and produce a catalog?

“It’s really a second big channel for us,” said Anda Pho, Head of Marketing at True & Co., who will talk about how the company used customized data to deliver customer-relevant content Sept. 15 at the NEMOA directXchange conference. “This is our story, and our products that work for her.”

At the conference, Pho is going to talk about why True & Co. launched its catalog, how they got started, and the lessons Pho and her team learned through trial and “lots and lots of error” of what makes catalogs successful for True & Co., and what it means for them in the future.

“When we first started out in catalog, we were very, very methodical with every piece – like how many SKUs should we have per page, how do we blend story-telling editorial and products,” Pho said. “Right now we don’t have a hard and set formula, but it’s really dependent on the season, as well as what particular story we have to tell at that time.”