Apparel Market to Get Croc’ed

Crocs is taking a major step outside shoes. The manufacturer/marketer known for its trendy, durable footwear (the shoes that look like plastic clogs with an ankle strap) is starting a line of apparel for men and children. Crocs clothing will be available to consumers in late October at select retailers as well as through the company’s stores and on its Website.

Some pieces in the clothing line incorporate a new form of Crocs’ proprietary material, Croslite, which promises to makes garments lightweight, versatile, breathable, and durable. What’s more, Croslite garments resist harsh chemicals and heat, ensuring longevity after exposure to sun, UV light, and sweat, the company says. Crocs’ line of children’s apparel for girls and boys will be available in a color palette that complements Crocs’ shoes and bags for kids.

Why get into apparel apparel? The clothing line is a “natural evolution” and a “move toward brand diversification,” according to Crocs spokeswoman Jessica Packard. “Crocs continues to further evolve the lifestyle nature of the Crocs brand.” The Niwot, CO-based company sells through 12,000 stores domestically and has 15,000 stores outside of the U.S. It began selling online in 2003. Crocs has plans to introduce a spring 2008 apparel line that will expand the use of Croslite.