Lou DeJoy feature II

USPS Postmaster DeJoy Facing FBI Investigation

| Mike O'Brien

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into past political fundraising efforts of Louis DeJoy, the embattled Postmaster General of the U.S. Postal Service, raising the volume of Democratic calls for his ouster even as he works to enact major postal reforms.

Getting Your Carrier Mix Right in 2021

| George Meier

Relying on a single carrier for all your shipping needs can be expensive, especially in the wake of rate increases and the many surcharge spikes taken by the major carriers of late. But there are more reasons to do your research. A healthy carrier mix gives you options. Here are some steps to help you assess the best path forward.

Shippo cofounders featuree

Shippo Raises $50 Million to Cross Unicorn Threshold

| Mike O'Brien

Shipping platform firm Shippo has raised another $50 million in capital, just three months after its last $45 million round, doubling its valuation in that time to over $1 billion as it claims 100,000 ecommerce customers and looks to expand internationally via marketplace and platform partners.

FedEx stepvan feature

FedEx Increases Surcharges Effective June 21

| Mike O'Brien

FedEx announced a new round of rate increases starting June 21, including bumps in additional handling, peak surcharge and residential delivery charges, leaving beleaguered ecommerce shippers to wonder where the increases will end. The carrier is also leaving in place a peak oversized charge of $30 per package from January.

4 Ways to Control Subscription Fulfillment Costs

| Nicole Lee

Ecommerce subscription enrollment is on the rise, up 41% across verticals, according to data from Ordergroove. As companies rush to fill greater order volume, many are experiencing a corresponding rise in subscription fulfillment costs. Here are four strategies that have proven effective for leading subscription companies.

MCM Outlook 2021: Past the Pivots to Ecommerce Operations Efficiency

| Mike O'Brien

Now that the challenges of the lockdown era are behind, and disruptions have solidified into new consumer behaviors and business practices, what’s next for ecommerce operations? In our annual MCM Outlook report, we talk to retail leaders and industry experts to drill down into how companies are faring and what’s working.

Blue Yonder logo feature

Blue Yonder Being Acquired by Panasonic

| Mike O'Brien

Capping a relationship going back three years, Panasonic will acquire supply chain software firm Blue Yonder, formerly JDA Software. It formally joins together Panasonic’s edge computing, sensor and IoT capabilities with Blue Yonder’s autonomous supply chain solution, solving complex logistics and fulfillment challenges.

Amazon Logistics Prime truck feature

Amazon Logistics Increased Capacity 50% in the Past Year

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon has increased its capital expenditures by 80% in the past year, including continuing expansion of Amazon Logistics such as new cargo planes, trailers and linehaul trucks and adding to its massive Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program. All told, Amazon has increased its logistics capacity by 50% in the past year alone.

USPS sortation conveyor feature

USPS Rolls Out Plans to Handle 2021 Peak Season Surge

| Mike O'Brien

The USPS announced a number of measures aimed at addressing peak season surges later this year, after it got buried in a deluge of holiday parcels in November and December, many of them handed off from UPS and FedEx. This includes 138 new pieces of sortation equipment and replacing mail sorting equipment at 18 facilities.

AxleHire porch feature

AxleHire Raises $20 Million, Aspires to National Network

| Mike O'Brien

AxleHire, a last-mile solutions company powering delivery for HelloFresh, Deliverr, Freshly and Pet Food Express, has closed a $20M funding round aimed at increasing its sortation capabilities, expanding its network and moving more into general ecommerce. It also hopes to create a national network to compete with regional carriers.