Steve Beda

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With a long history of supply chain automation and transportation logistics experience, Steve Beda works closely with the sales and marketing organization to ensure new and existing customers take full advantage of Trax’s Total TSM/TSI Spend Intelligence services. He also manages the advisory practice at Trax. Beda has helped clients improve their spend management programs for both inbound and outbound supply chains. By successfully completing many parcel and non-parcel contract optimization projects, he has helped shippers align contracts with changing shipping dynamics, especially in the area of business-to-consumer last mile delivery. Beda is also a regular speaker at Parcel Forum.

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A Multi-Carrier Approach Is Key During Disruptive Times

| Steve Beda

The possibility of a major disruptive event, such as the Yellow Freight bankruptcy and a potential UPS strike, brought to light the vulnerability of the nation’s supply chain. From COVID-19 to ongoing issues with transportation and labor shortages, the supply chain had been on thin ice. Such scenarios emphasizes the importance of moving beyond a risky, overexposed single carrier approach.