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Walmart on Sept. 9 launched a second pilot drone delivery program, this time in Fayetteville,
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Now keenly aware of their vulnerabilities, retail and ecommerce companies are much more likely to build events like pandemics and other crises into their business planning. They are reevaluating sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment and transportation practices to future proof their business. Here are 6 ways a 3PL can help.
FedEx Rolls Out Average Rate Increase of 4.9% for 2021, Adds a Late Fee  
FedEx announced its 2021 rate schedule, once again with a 4.9%
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E-Grocery Sales Down 20% in August, But AOV, Regular Usage Increasing  
While total e-grocery sales in the U.S. declined 20% in August
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Amazon FBA Sellers Facing Suspension Over Late Carrier Deliveries  
Amazon is warning ecommerce shippers using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) that
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