Michelle Wood

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Michelle Wood oversees the merchant network side of the Wildfire Systems platform. Her team builds productive partnerships with online retailers and affiliate networks, bringing them into the Wildfire platform and improving their incremental revenue opportunities. With over 16 years of experience in digital media, affiliate marketing and influencer media sales, Michelle has worked with many of the world’s most notable enterprise e-commerce companies to acquire new and loyal customers and exceed revenue targets with positive ROI. Prior to Wildfire, she held executive positions with leading performance marketing companies including ShopAtHome.com and Coupons.com.

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Brand Loyalty and the Impact of Changing Consumer Behavior

| Michelle Wood

Brand loyalty plays a crucial role in retail success. But the consumer behavior dynamics are constantly evolving, and recent trends indicate a significant shift in how they approach purchasing decisions. With rising price consciousness, there are valid concerns about the potential erosion of brand loyalty as consumers prioritize cost savings over allegiance, for both everyday brands and luxury sellers.

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Customer Loyalty: Overcoming 4 Key Challenges

| Michelle Wood

As prices continue to rise, more consumers are looking for the value vs. sticking with a particular brand. Clearly, many brands are facing a difficult environment. But there are still solid opportunities to be creative and maximize marketing budgets, despite demanding conditions, that will encourage and keep consumers loyal to your brand.

Simpler Ecommerce Checkout Increases Conversions

| Michelle Wood

Ecommerce checkout is getting complicated and competitive. Consumers can choose a variety of checkout options. While this may be convenient, the question for retailers is, are you providing too many options and creating a source of friction that’s contributing to high bounce rates and cart abandonment? You need to simplify.