Latest Podcast: Will the E-Grocery Rush Recede or Stick After COVID-19?

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MCM CommerceChat Podcast

Will the Rush to E-Grocery Recede or Stick After the COVID-19 Crisis?

With states reopening for business, experts wonder how grocers will continue to adapt, and how ingrained online buying patterns will be. Jon Hauptmann, Senior Director of Retail Pricing and Analytics Solutions at Inmar Intelligence, discusses Inmar’s recent survey findings and what’s next in this MCM CommerceChat podcast.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

The Significance of Shops for Facebook, Sellers, Ecommerce

What is the potential for Facebook Shops? Could it be looking beyond transactions to a WeChat scenario creating a total consumer experience? In this MCM CommerceChat podcast, Andrea Szasz, a principal analyst at Kearney, talks about Facebook’s initiative and how it fits into the bigger picture of ecommerce in the COVID-19 era.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

Breaking Down the Retail Bankruptcy and Restructuring Process

What should the growing number of retailers weighing bankruptcy be considering, and what kinds of restructuring plans should they set up? Attorney Thomas Wolford, a partner with Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, gives us an insider’s look at what goes on from filing through re-emergence in this MCM CommerceChat podcast.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

How to Effectively Managing Your Brand Messaging in a National Crisis

How should brands be managing their messaging at this sensitive time, expressing empathy without overdoing it?
Deb Gabor, CEO of brand strategy consultancy Sol Marketing, has led brand and crisis strategy engagements for Dell, Microsoft, HomeAway and others. She discusses brand messaging do’s and don’t’s in the days of COVID-19.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

Needed Now: Real-Time Data Sharing Across Ecommerce Logistics Partners

In this MCM CommerceChat podcast, we talk to Matthew Cowan, general partner of Next47, a Siemens-backed venture firm that has invested in startups including last mile platform Bringg and on-demand transportation mapping service provider rideOS, about the critical need for real-time data sharing across supply chain partners.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

Sweetwater CEO on the Power of Music Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

In the midst of COVID-19 social isolation, people are craving connection. In the midst of uncertainty, videos of musicians sharing their gifts, both virtually and socially distanced, have gone viral, providing inspiration and hope. Sweetwater CEO Chuck Surack talks about his company’s experience and how they’re connecting with customers.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

How Salyers Group Joined the Fight Against Coronavirus

It’s inspiring to hear stories of individuals and businesses stepping to help in the fight against the “invisible enemy” that is the novel coronavirus. Lauri Sullivan, CFO and COO of The Salyers Group, discusses the company’s various efforts and how they’re keeping connected with customers in our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

How Grocers Are Handling Coronavirus and Exploding Store/Online Demand

While most of retail is in the doldrums due to coronavirus, grocers are seeing explosive growth, and e-grocery has been accelerating rapidly due to shutdowns. Scott DeGraeve, COO and co-founder of Locai Solutions, and Doug Baker, VP, industry relations at FMI, discuss what they’re seeing across the sector, and how it will change.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

How Augmented Reality Lets Golfers Peek Inside Callaway’s New Club Tech

Callaway partnered with Groove Jones to create an augmented reality experience at 1,200 retail locations including Dick’s Sporting Goods, PGA Tour Superstore and Worldwide Golf. Pete Avery, director of retail marketing for Callaway, explains how the augmented reality campaign works in this MCM CommerceChat podcast.

MCM CommerceChat Podcast

How the Customer Experience Informs Supply Chain Priorities at Neiman Marcus

In this latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, we spoke with Willis Weirich, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations at Neiman Marcus, about how the customer experience informs supply channel priorities. Willis is one of our keynote speakers on this subject at Ecommerce Operations Summit 2020, April 14-16 in Orlando, FL.

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