Retailers’ Real Appetite for Sustainability

A new global study by IBM found that 61% of consumer goods and retail leaders are purposefully aligning their sustainability and operational goals, with 77% of the respondents agreeing that sustainability investments will accelerate business growth.

The study, titled “Redesigning Brand Values: Purpose and Profit Converge in Core Operations,” highlights success stories from Levi Strauss, Pandora, Reckitt, Unilever and Walmart.

Luq Niazi, global managing partner and Industries and Global Consumer Industry leader at IBM Consulting, shared insights from the report in this MCM CommerceChat podcast. He explains how companies are allocating resources for sustainability, and advises how to communicate efforts to your customers without greenwashing. We also discuss AI technologies for sustainable efficiency, and how Walmart is using blockchain to reach the holy grail of supply chain transparency. You can access the full report here.