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Multichannel Merchant is the only media brand that covers multichannel business strategy for companies that sell merchandise direct to customers. We reach powerful decision makers in both B2B and B2C merchant companies and provide them with multichannel marketing and operations resources through a variety of products and services.

What’s our edge?
Multichannel Merchant boasts the top columnists in their fields as well as seasoned staff writers with expert knowledge of the industry. They also have a solid understanding of both the front end and the back end of the business, from marketing (SEO/SEM, retargeting, catalogs, etc.) and ecommerce (payments, website, usability/design, POS, security, etc.) through operations and fulfillment (warehouse, logistics, shipping, fulfillment, customer care, etc.).

Multichannel Merchant gives readers the WHOLE PICTURE:

• Ecommerce • Warehouse
• Global Commerce • Social media
• Mobile Commerce • Search/SEO/SEM
• Marketing, Merchandising & Branding • Lists/Databases
• Operations & Fulfillment Technology • Email Marketing
• Order Management • Website Usability
• Shipping & Returns Logistics • Retargeting
• Contact Center


Let us help you to put together a powerful integrated campaign for maximum impact and measurable results. Email or call us and we’ll craft a program tailored to your specific goals.

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