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Relaxing of Amazon FBA Storage Rules, Explained

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon has revoked the 200-unit limit for new FBA sellers and changed how it assesses sellers’ storage limits. New sellers can start with 500-1,000 units depending on their storage type. It also now subject all sellers to new restock limits. Eytan Wiener, CEO of Getida and a former Amazon power seller, helps us break down the changes.

Lou DeJoy feature II

USPS Postmaster DeJoy Facing FBI Investigation

| Mike O'Brien

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into past political fundraising efforts of Louis DeJoy, the embattled Postmaster General of the U.S. Postal Service, raising the volume of Democratic calls for his ouster even as he works to enact major postal reforms.

Pitney Bowes smart lockers feature

Pitney Bowes Expands Smart Lockers Program

| Mike O'Brien

Pitney Bowes is rolling out a new series of smart lockers that can be used either in office or apartment buildings, college campuses or retail stores that can be configured to use as parcel boxes for individuals to send and receive items, or for picking up ecommerce orders and processing returns.

Flytrex drone Walmart feature

Flytrex Gains FAA Approval to Fly Drones Over Homes

| Mike O'Brien

Flytrex, an Israeli maker of delivery drones, has been awarded an FAA waiver to fly its drones over residential sections of Fayetteville, NC, en route to backyard wire drops of groceries and other items at up to 2,000 homes. They are coming from Walmart as well as local cafes and restaurants including Dairy Queen and Starbucks.

FedEx stepvan feature

FedEx Increases Surcharges Effective June 21

| Mike O'Brien

FedEx announced a new round of rate increases starting June 21, including bumps in additional handling, peak surcharge and residential delivery charges, leaving beleaguered ecommerce shippers to wonder where the increases will end. The carrier is also leaving in place a peak oversized charge of $30 per package from January.

FarEye screenshot feature

FarEye Raises $100 Million to Grow Delivery Platform

| Mike O'Brien

FarEye, maker of a delivery management platform that gives shoppers delivery windows as short as an hour, has raised $100 million in a new round. The company plans to further its platform capabilities and expand in Europe and North America. Customers include Dominoes, Walmart, DHL eCommerce, Finland Post and Singapore Post.

Prime Now App Being Retired, Service Continuing

| Mike O'Brien

Seven years after its launch, Amazon plans to discontinue the Prime Now app for fast delivery of grocery and other goods, folding it into its main Amazon app and website by the end of 2021, the company said. Amazon said the same level of same-day delivery service, in many cases two hours, will continue for Prime members.

Walmart grocery interior feature

Walmart Concerned About Slipping Grocery Position

| Mike O'Brien

When it comes to the grocery wars, Walmart execs are concerned about the company’s tenuous number one position as well as losing share to fierce competitors, according to brutal self-assessments in a leaked memo and presentation from February obtained by Recode. There are also worries that Instacart is pulling even on e-grocery.

MCM Outlook 2021: Past the Pivots to Ecommerce Operations Efficiency

| Mike O'Brien

Now that the challenges of the lockdown era are behind, and disruptions have solidified into new consumer behaviors and business practices, what’s next for ecommerce operations? In our annual MCM Outlook report, we talk to retail leaders and industry experts to drill down into how companies are faring and what’s working.

Amazon Logistics Prime truck feature

Amazon Logistics Increased Capacity 50% in the Past Year

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon has increased its capital expenditures by 80% in the past year, including continuing expansion of Amazon Logistics such as new cargo planes, trailers and linehaul trucks and adding to its massive Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program. All told, Amazon has increased its logistics capacity by 50% in the past year alone.