What’s Going On with the Booming Recommerce Industry?

Secondhand clothing has come a long way since the days of the community thrift store as quick-acting brands have positioned themselves to capture some of the $100B global recommerce market.  Multichannel Merchant caught up with Bernardine Wu, executive managing director, and Richard Siefert, consultant, from OSF Digital to talk about the results of their Brand Resale Index, how REI works to deliver a fantastic resale experience, why some brands falter when it comes to fully supporting their resale efforts, and how you can help get the ball rolling with launching your brand’s resale program.

The Brand Resale Index was designed to evaluate leading practice adoption across 40 brands across the fashion/apparel, outdoor, footwear, and luxury verticals.  Brands were assessed on 147 criteria across brand positioning, commerce, and trade-in experiences, and an assessment on how the brand’s resale business model potentially contributes to environmental sustainability benefits.  Readers interested in recommence and viewing more results from the study can find the report here.