Deborah Kilpatrick

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Deborah Kilpatrick is the co-founder and VP of marketing at SourceKnowledge, a mrge company. An ardent advocate for the open web, Deborah co-founded SourceKnowledge in order to help retailers and ecommerce brands attain incremental lifts in sales with advertising outside of the walled gardens. Previously, she independently founded and ran her own successful SEO and SEM consulting business, dSide Marketing. Deborah also worked at one of the world’s first search engines,, as its product marketing manager. In this role, she directly managed the brand’s marketing strategy and product marketing within its paid search advertising program.

content-based marketing illustration feature

Content-Based Marketing: A Post-Cookie Evolution

| Deborah Kilpatrick

Third-party cookies served their purpose of helping advertisers learn more about their audiences for a time. But now with their imminent depreciation in 2024 – for real this time – content-based marketing has taken the stage. This is bringing marketers back to the impactful basics, seeking and reaching high-intent consumers at the likely point of purchase.