Steve Sivitter

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Steve Sivitter is an accomplished leader and experienced software executive with over 30 years of international experience spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas. Prior to joining 1WorldSync, Steve was CEO of Hexagon Production Software, a multinational leader in the design, manufacturing and ERP software industry. Before that, he held increasingly senior executive positions in both privately owned and PE-backed businesses. In business, Steve is passionate about continual improvement in all areas, but especially commercial leadership, operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Back-to-School: Omnichannel Experiences Help You Ace It

| Steve Sivitter

Because omnichannel consumer experiences drive back-to-school shopping, brands must champion consistency across all retailers carrying their products. The effort pays off, however, increasing the likelihood that consumers will trust your brand. Focus on an omnichannel strategy that delivers a consistent customer experience, anticipates customer needs and addresses concerns.