Femail Creations Founder Launches Home-Party Business

Lisa Hammond is gearing up for the 10th anniversary of her Femail Creations catalog–by launching a home-party business.

Launched in September, Barefoot Parties sells loungewear, accessories, and gifts for women via in-home selling, following the likes of Tupperware and Pampered Chef. Hammond says she has been interested in launching a party-plan business for years, but “I wanted to really establish Femail Creations and make sure it had a solid foundation before I put my attention elsewhere.”

Like Barefoot Parties, Las Vegas-based Femail Creations sells apparel, home accessories, and gifts “to celebrate and inspire women,” according to its tagline. But Hammond says there’s no overlap in actual items; the products designed for Barefoot Parties are unique to the brand.

“Unique merchandise is the key,” Hammond says. “Because the merchandise selection is different, customers will still have to shop at Femail Creations to get those gifts.”

Hammond is using radio and print promos, events, trade shows, and a Website to promote Barefoot Parties. So far, Hammond says, sales are exceeding expectations: Whereas she’d estimated that the average party would bring in $400 in sales, they’ve been averaging closer to $1,000. She’d also estimated that one or two future parties would be booked at each party that is held, but so far the “brand ambassadors” have been averaging three bookings.